Display a Grouped Items in a List or Document Library from another Sharepoint Site

Thursday, November 3, 2011

We had a requirement that needs to display a certain view of a document library in another site to a different site. After searching, with the help of Mr. Google, we stumbled upon the Path To SharePoint blog and thanks to Christophe we found the solution. Here is the LINK .

But the problem is that the Javascript solution by Christophe has some limitations like grouping , sorting, next page are disabled and we need those functionalities in some of the Sharepoint views to be displayed.

Because of that, my colleague (not to be named according to him lol) modified Christophe’s original CrossSite Javascript. There are two solutions, one for Sharepoint 2007 and one for Sharepoint 2010. There are two scripts because of the difference in UI of the two versions.