How to change the time stamp/time zone on the comments of “Append Changes To Existing Text”

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On my previous post I taught you how to remove blank comments on “Append Changes To Existing Text”. Now I will show you on how to change the time stamp or time zone on the comments.
Why change? Well it depends on your requirements, like on my previous project, I have to use the time zone of my foreign client.
So let’s start...

How to customize forms in a list using Sharepoint Designer 2007

Monday, January 24, 2011

One great tool in customizing a form is using Sharepoint Designer 2007. It does not require heavy coding unlike Visual Studio.
I will show you how to customize a form using Sharepoint Designer 2007. From this point I’ll call Sharepoint Designer as SPD.

How to remove blank comments on Append Changes to Existing Text

I have one project that requires time stamp and name to be recorded on a multiple type of text type field whenever a user saves a comment. I tried using "Append Changes to Existing Text", be sure to turn on versioning or sharepoint won't allow you that option. The problem here is a user can save an item/task without putting a comment in the field and sharepoint will still put stamp on it with a blank comment! (fig.1)