How to remove blank comments on Append Changes to Existing Text

Monday, January 24, 2011

I have one project that requires time stamp and name to be recorded on a multiple type of text type field whenever a user saves a comment. I tried using "Append Changes to Existing Text", be sure to turn on versioning or sharepoint won't allow you that option. The problem here is a user can save an item/task without putting a comment in the field and sharepoint will still put stamp on it with a blank comment! (fig.1)

fig 1. blank comments appear
  Now there is a solution I discovered to remove this blank comment. Just go to 

YourList -> Settings -> List Settings -> Comments (your field that you want to remove the blank comment)

Then after that choose "Plain text" under "Specify the type of text to allow"(fig.2)

Just a note, any font, colors, formatting will be removed. And after that save the changes and view the item. (fig. 3)

fig. 3
And viola! the blank comment is gone =) Now who says "Shit happens"? Shit should be flushed.

Do you want to change the time zone / time stamp in the comment? continue HERE
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    1. I think this might help:

  2. You are the man! This was really bugging me. Sorted!