How to Restore the Missing View dropdown in Sharepoint

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One time while doing the project, I was in panic when the view dropdown button is missing in the list view or allitems.aspx. One thing I remember is that I edit the page in Site Actions menu then I accidentally click the “x” mark. Clicking the “x” mark will close the webpart. After that I just add the list webpart to show it again and poof! The view dropdown is missing.
Now I will show you how to restore the view dropdown…

Two ways I know that can restore it.
1.       Adding the closed webpart by editing the page.
2.       Adding the closed webpart using Sharepoint Designer.
I’ll show you option number 1, especially if you don’t have Sharepoint Designer, because it is much easier and faster.
1.       Go to Site Actions and choose Edit Page from the dropdown.
2.       Choose Add a Web Part.
3.       Add the bottom right of the menu, choose Advanced Web Part gallery and options.

4.       A menu will appear on the right side, choose Closed Web Parts.

5.       From the menu, under Web Part List, choose the list that you have closed. In this example it is Mek List then click Add button at the bottom. You can see the list webpart with the view dropdown on the left after clicking the Add button. After that click Exit Edit mode.

6.       Two webpart will appear, one with the view and the one without. Just close the webpart of the one without view dropdown in the edit mode.

So basically that’s it. It’s just that simple and easy. I’ll show you soon if I have time the second way by using Sharepoint Designer. Thanks.

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  1. Thanks for the help! Great article.

  2. You directions worked perfectly! Thanks so much!

  3. yes that worked for me too, I'm sure I never would have stumbled on this fix on my own so thank you. So hovering over the magical X button when editing a page displays that it will ‘Close’ the page. Seems harmless enough but it wasn’t. I guess I was assuming ‘Close’ meant ‘make the window go away’ as opposed to ‘close it, hide it, and make it a pain in the a** to find and open it again’…

  4. worked well for me - Thank you

  5. This worked perfectly, thank you so much!

  6. Great quick fix!

  7. thank you! this saved me. I didn't know how to make the views show up again. But your solution worked perfectly.

  8. Yo thanks! This worked!