How to change the time stamp/time zone on the comments of “Append Changes To Existing Text”

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On my previous post I taught you how to remove blank comments on “Append Changes To Existing Text”. Now I will show you on how to change the time stamp or time zone on the comments.
Why change? Well it depends on your requirements, like on my previous project, I have to use the time zone of my foreign client.
So let’s start...

Below is the initial time stamp of the comments.

Now all you have to do is go to Site Actions -> Site Settings  

On the right under Site Administration, click Regional Settings.
Find the Time Zone option and on its right there is a drop down that let you choose your time zone. In the example I choose (GMT +8:00) Beijing, Chongging, Hong Kong S.A.R, Urumqi.

After you select a time zone, press OK, then go back to your form and you will see that the time zone / time stamp is changed based on your selected time zone.
Choose a platform and click the tab to comment :)
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