Removing Unwanted White Pages and Spaces in SSRS Report Builder

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I ran into an issue on my SSRS Report Builder of having blank white pages on print view or exported PDF files or word files. Sometimes it expands my report table/line horizontally then when I check print preview, it will extend the lines or tables into the next page...

To resolve this issue, you need to follow this rule:

BW + BLM + BRM <= PW

BW = Body Width
PLM = Page Left Margin
PRM = Page Right Margin
PW = Page Width

To check or change the values, go to Report properties. You can see that the PW is 8.5in , PRM and PLM are 0.17in.

Reporting Properties

Then for BW, go to Body properties. You can see that BW is 8.1491in.

Body Properties

To check if this follow the rule BW + BLM + BRM <= PW.
8.1491 + 0.17 + 0.17 = 8.4891in
So 8.4891in  < 8.5in

These settings will render correctly on your print preview or PDF file.
You should also take into consideration that textboxes can expand if the CanGrow property is set to TRUE. If the text box is positioned at the end or near the end of your page, it can push the body width and change the Body Width values. To resolve this expand the textbox to a size that it can accommodate all the letters or word that you put inside. Also, put some distance allowance from the end of textbox to the end of page (2pt). This is for the padding values of the textbox. You can also set it to 0 if you want.

For the rule, credit goes to Nathan of

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